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When the girl who became a bear met the grinning man, he told stories of Delilah Blue and the faulty time piece.

The crowd whisperer, actually capable of the reversal of nothing, felt public knowledge of this a welcome betrayal by the prophetess in silk.

The coven of controversial virtues murmured shadows into the water, reflecting the minutiae of stars. (60 words)

image: Shelle Kennedy: Taking the Plunge

Fashioned of titles for mlmm writing prompt 205: its all in the title


The Girl Who Became a Bear

The Grinning Man

Delilah Blue and the Faulty Timepiece

The Crowd Whisperer

The Reversal of Nothing

A Welcome Betrayal

Prophetess in Silk

The Coven of Controversial Virtues

Shadows in the Water

The Minutiae of Stars