tt 35: waiting for Theo; first date


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sliver of a van Gogh moment
blurring cafés and centuries
waiting for Theo; waiting for you
turning right to left; death to life (125 characters; 23 words)


I arrive early; reconnoiter
he is leaning against wall
looking casual
I blend into neon blur
to watch before
we meet; first date (123 characters; 23 words)

Kat’s Twittering Tales #35; photo by Tyler Hendy at


13 thoughts on “tt 35: waiting for Theo; first date”

  1. Oh my, you hooked me with the Vincent aspect–well done!

  2. oh starry starry nights …. and well, I could just blather on, but your words paint the picture perfect scene – traveling time from there to here and now and yet also speaking of now to then … and well, we have discussed Vincent many a time …. and you know how I feel 🙂

    great TT!

    • Thanks — yes Vincent does hold a special place. I just so much saw his cafe picture in a mirrored right to left. Thought of waiting for Theo, thought of how it might have been. Dr. Who episode and all that.

  3. Love how this two part tale flows. I believe there is more to the story! 😉

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