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Yves presented folks with the challenge this Sunday (May 28, 2017) of writing a story based upon a list of titles. I’ve added the italicized words to link the titles, which I have only faintly altered, together.

Wish breaker causes undisclosed pathos.

Plays silver violin to children of the wondering moon.

Knows haunting of Cora Applebaum whispers in willow trees.

Those psychic chasms when fish runaway.

So war inside of us fought over town that went missing. (40)


She comes to tidy up the graves. Scrub away lichen, moss. Clip grass. Push fallen stones back upon foundations.  So names are not lost. So valour, sacrifice is remembered. The fallen soldiers thank her through whispers in guardian willow trees. (40)

(c) Lorraine


Tomorrow is Memorial Day in America. When we should remember all the sacrifices of war. Those who fought. Those innocents caught in cross fire, blasts, hatred. Remember so war is not perpetuated. Remember so there may be peace, reconciliation, understanding, compassion. Earth slashed by conflicts and violence. Humanity scarred. Oh but we could heal these wounds within our generation.