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“Feed the birds, tuppence a bag;” flocks of pigeons took her back to childhood movies.

Or to her father’s rhyme about problematic flying cows. (142; 24)


“Wing leader to Captain.”


“Target 5 feet to right.”

“Roger that.”

“Flyers: presidential statue in range. Ready all bomb bay doors.” (139; 22)

(139; 22)

Two for Kat’s Twittering Tale 28. 02.05.17

Concerning twittering tale #1: song is from the movie, Mary Poppins; “Birdie, birdie in the sky/dropped some stupid **** in my eye/I’m just so glad that cows don’t fly.” (my father’s version; there are several others with extra lines, different terms for what the birdie drops, and different animals mentioned such as elephants)