Monday 03.04: The storm turned the sky a red violet; she thought it looked like Armageddon.

Tuesday 04.04: She grew exotic eggplant in her patch of the community garden always very generous with the fruits of her labour.

Wednesday 05.04: She daubed her lips with cerise lipstick; she admired her reflection in the cracked mirror.

Thursday 06.04: The scent of wild strawberries clung to her lips; her circlet of wildflowers perfumed her hair.

Friday 07.04: Her long magenta-tinted nails looked like talons as she went for his face.

Saturday 08.04: She plaited her raven hair with dried lavender – under the half moon, her lover could find her in the darkened alley.

Sunday 09.04: He lay on his back looking up at the twilighting sky; cotton candy clouds floated along with pink elephants and red dragons.

Monday 10.04: The bruise on his cheek turned violet red; a badge of honour for his playground bravery.

Tuesday 11.04: For their anniversary, he wore a “white sports coat and a pink carnation*,” in honour of their first date, first dance, first kiss.

Wednesday 12.04: No one could dance the razzamatazz like Ceclie; a contortionist by trade, she was a miracle to watch on the dance floor.

Thursday 13.04: She was piggy pink, sporting a white ribbon, with a curly tail; the perfect present for Charlotte, her father thought.

Friday 14.04: Spreading a thick smear, she thought “There is nothing like burnt toast and jazzberry jam to a broken heart.”

Saturday 15.04: She practiced blushing to seem a shy maiden, yet with not so shy thoughts upon her mind.

Sunday 16.04: It was a bedtime ritual: Bess cried, “tickle me pink then read me story.”

* Marty Robins, “White Sport Coat,” 1957

#cyw: red violet eggplant cerise wild strawberries magenta lavender cotton candy violet red pink carnation razzamatazz piggy pink jazzberry jam blushing tickle me pink