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Monday 20.03: She tried not to cry when she hung the framed purple heart, awarded posthumously to her “gallant knight;” she must remain strong for the children’s sake.

Tuesday 21. 03: As he donned his fur rimmed mantle of royal purple, he wondered if he had the strength of spirit and will to be king; at 16 it was a heavier load to bear than the bejeweled crown placed upon his head.

Wednesday 22. 03: Katherine  put down her pen, reading the draft of her poem aloud: “majestic purple mountains.” She crossed out it out. Dipping her pen in the inkwell, she wrote: “purple mountains majesty.”*

Thursday 23.03: She was a rebel since birth; she stubbornly refused to answer to her given name Violet, preferring to be addressed as Purple.

Friday 24.03: Childhood memories of hiding midst the wisteria bushes; playing invisible so that he would not find her.

Saturday 25. 03: vivid violet His instincts were meaningless. Nothing prepared him for the violence reflected in her vivid violet eyes and the blade of the knife she held.

Sunday 26.03: fuschia Whenever he smelt the sweet, seductive scent of fuschia, he thought of her in the exotic botanical gardens.

* Katherine Lee Bates wrote the lyrics to “America, the Beautiful” in 1895. Her poem, “America” was put to music by written a church organist, Samuel A Ward in 1882.  Her poem and his music was combined and published as “America, the Beautiful in 1910. (see America, the Beautiful)

#cyw 20.03 to 26.03. 17: purple heart royal purple purple mountains majesty violet (purple) wisteria vivid violet  fuschia daily prompt: meaningless

Monday, March 27.03: Her hair was dyed shocking pink with purple highlights; she liked to stand out in a crowd.

Tuesday, March 28.03: At the Pink Flamingo, the elixirs were always cold, the passions hot.

Wednesday, March 29.03:  Jake knew this was the spot in all of the new territory; here he could plant plum trees and his life.

Thursday, March 30.03: In her hot magenta turban and splashy orange mumu, Madame Divinity told your fortune by gazing in her crystal ball.

Friday, March 31.03: On stage, the Purple Pizzazz wailed the blues like no other band could.

Saturday, April 1.4: Known as Razzle Dazzle Rose, she was a scam artiste extraordinaire.

Sunday, April 2.04: She was like a rare orchid — a fragile beauty like no other.

#cyw: 27.03 to 02.04: shocking pink  pink flamingo plum hot magenta purple pizzazz  purple pizzazz razzle dazzle orchid daily prompts: purple; elixir ; territory; fortune

image: unsplash via pixabay.com