13.03: The children searched for periwinkles in the early morning tidal pools.

14.03: His trumpet, used for reveille, wailed cadet blues into night barracks.

15.03: His memory fading, yet he saw her still, 16, laughing, calling his name as she swirled in a dress of indigo blue.

16.03: Katlyn’s kite flew off into the wild blue yonder; letting go the string to set it free. A freedom she would never feel.

17.03 “Manatee, manatee,” the child cried excitedly, pointing to the gentle creatures swimming out to greet them.

18.03: Her garden was a heritage kaleidoscope: blue bells, fox glove, hollyhocks, tiger lilies and lupines.

19.03 Twilight slipped blue violet into ebony of night.

#cyw 13.03 – 20.03.17: periwinkle cadet blue indigo wild blue yonder manatee blue bell blue violet