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Monday 06.03: The crashing breakers against rocky shore belied the ocean’s name and colour: pacific blue. There was nothing peaceful in its angry grey and white rush to the cliffs.

Tuesday 07.03:  He focused his binoculars – yes it was a cerulean blue warbler and spring migration had begun. He fitted the long lens on his tripod-steadied camera. Click. The moment was his forever.

Wednesday 08. 03: The field of cornflowers waved and wafted in the sweet summer zephyrs. I twirled in the delight for the minute of freedom.

Wednesday 08.03.17: International Woman’s Day! Celebrate your girl/ womanhood!

Thursday 09.03: In his snappy midnight blue uniform, John the doorman drew shy smiles from the bustled ladies for whom he held the door.

Friday 10.03:  “I love a man in uniform,” she cooed to her friend, Sadie, as several sailors togged in navy blue strutted through the smoky barroom.

Saturday 11.03: In his faded denim jacket, white t-shirt and tight jeans, he did his best James Dean impersonation, right up to the tragic car crash.

Sunday 12.03: Out of the blue, he said, “I want a divorce.”

#cyw 06 to 12. 03: pacific blue cerulean cornflower midnight blue navy blue denim blue (image: pixabay.com)